Golden Rose Psychic Services

Mailing Address
Golden Rose Psychic Services
3288 Adams Ave., #16704
San Diego, CA 92176



About Us

Golden Rose Psychic Services in San Diego, California was founded in 2007 by Transgender Psychic, Dr. Lauren Cielo. We provide clairvoyant services, training and products to clients and students in over 20 countries worldwide via an internet radio show, guest radio and television appearances, and the Golden Rose virtual global community.

Golden Rose Psychic Services operates on what Healing Master, Ankaijia refers to as the HAG principle: being Humble, Accessible and Grateful.

While our main office is located in the heart of San Diego, California, we serve the global community via phone and internet.


To hold space for our clients to heal themselves through the use of cutting edge metaphysical tools and techniques to facilitate the Healing of Spirit which in turn Heals The Body. We also teach these techniques and tools. Our physical location is San Diego, CA and we use internet technologies to reach a world audience.