Accelerated Psychic Development Program

Golden Rose Psychic Services owned by Professional San Diego Psychic, Dr. Lauren Cielo offers this Affordable Downloadable Online Accelerated Psychic Development Program just for you. Download Online Psychic Classes in mp3 format anytime

Want to Be A Professional Psychic? Dr. Lauren has designed a new Accelerated Psychic Development Program just for you! While we do suggest taking all 44 Core Classes offered in the Online Psychic Training Program, Dr. Lauren has selected 22 of the most important classes to provide the fastest results.

To supplement your Online Psychic Training, Dr. Lauren also offers Private Teaching Sessions Teaching Sessions, Energy Checks and weekly Phone Reading Clinics. Start training for a new career as a Professional Psychic Today!.

These classes teach the simple fundamental tools for the entire technique:
GS-01 Grounding and Golden Suns $9.99 
GS-02 Running Earth & Cosmic Energy $9.99
GS-03 Exploding Roses $9.99

To protect you from your client’s energy while you’re Reading, download this class:
SH-04 Protection Rose $14.99

This class shows you what you will 'see' when you Read others:
SH-06 Introduction to Pictures $14.99

Learn 'where' to be in your space to be able to Read others:
SH-09 Center of The Head $14.99

This class gives you a Healing Master. This ‘Spirit Guide’ will heal you and those you Read:
SD-12 Meet Your Healing Master $19.99

Learn how to access the Akashic Records. This is a common 'place' to get information about clients you are Reading. In particular, you will meet your Record Keeper but we Read other people's Record Keepers all the time in Professional Readings:
SD-13 Meet Your Akashic Record Keeper $19.99

These classes teach you have to improve your client’s situation:
SD-14 Working Contract and Agreements $19.99
SD-15 Completing Karma $19.99

Learn how to Read your own Guides and we use the same technique to Read other people's Guides:
SD-16 Meeting Your Spirit Guides $19.99

Download these 2 classes to increase your accuracy and to avoid losing your confidence and/or Reading yourself instead of the client:
AS-30 Analyzer Class $24.99
CT-35 Neutrality and Matching Pictures $34.99

This class teaches you how to focus your awareness on your client and is the first we do in every Reading:
CT-36 Rose Readings $34.99

Pick from these classes as they are the most popular topics covered in a Pro Reading:
CT-37 Past Life Readings $34.99
CT-38 Reading The Dead $34.99 
CT-39 Reading Chakras $34.99 
CT-40 Reading Auras $34.99 
CT-41 Reading Paths $34.99 
CT-42 House Clearings $34.99 
CT-43 Business Clearings $34.99 
CT-44 Professional Readings $49.99

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