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We are all about energy. The manner in which we harness it, and utilize it determines where we are in space and time, and where we will go with our spiritual and physical presence.

Ascension: Clairvoyant Hints of What's to Come

Most civilizations and religions have some type of End Time Prophecy. The Mayans believed the Old World would end on Winter Solstice 2012. The Hopis believe the Fourth Age is ending and we are moving into the Fifth Age. Contemporary Christians teach that their Savior, Jesus Christ will return to Rapture his church. One thing is for sure, things are changing and they're changing quickly. Maybe something important is happening, and all of us are part of it.

None of us know exactly when or what is going to happen, and while there are others who would gladly offer up their predictions, I chose to describe the energy of what I have clairvoyantly seen about our next step. I am describing this from the standpoint as a spirit in a human body, living on Earth. As such, my perspective may be skewed. It's like studying sleep deprivation when you've been awake for 3 days! With this in mind, I offer my spirit's clairvoyant hints of what's to come.

The Universe is Constantly Expanding. Our planet, our solar system and the Milky Way are moving into a new 'place in space'. This new 'place' has a higher vibration that will affect everything on Earth. It's already happening. As a result, many plants, animals and even people will be leaving this planet for the last time when they die. It's similar to the dinosaurs. The Earth changed and the dinosaurs weren't in agreement with the new energy so they left!

You can see people dividing into at least two groups: those who wish to ascend and those who don't. Those of the latter group are motivated by fear. When this fear turns into anger and violence, you get conflicts such as the endless war in the Middle East. Others, who have chosen the path to Ascension, are blossoming, growing and healing. Ultimately, the people who resist the step up in vibration will not incarnate on Earth again. They will be attracted to a place/planet/dimension that better matches their energy.

You are ascending- everyone is. Some are just choosing to resist the shift. All we need to do to fully ascend is LET GO. It's that simple! Just let go. Consider a flowing river as a metaphor for life. The Ascension energy is increasing the speed of the current. Resisting this energy is like gripping the river bank with white knuckles, struggling to hold on. Every time we go into fear it's like dropping an energetic anchor that impedes the path to Ascension. If we let go, pull up our anchors, the ride down the river leads to exhilaration and metamorphosis. When we stay conscious and aware, it becomes easy to detect when we go into fear as both the physical body and the emotional body react harshly to the resistance. We just don't feel good.

Notice that our physical bodies are changing also. Those of us born before the 1980s are likely undergoing genetic shifts as previously unused strands of DNA are being activated. Our bodies are becoming energetically lighter as the Ascension vibration rises. Think of a physical reality on Earth where everything is less dense. The hint here may be shifts in gravity and our relationship to it. Imagine a world where our physical bodies can easily levitate or teleport by force of energy.

If you're reading this, chances are you, as Spirit, have agreed to Ascend. It's probably one of the main reasons you re-incarnated at this particular time. It may be your Soul's Purpose. Realize this shift is inevitable and that you are eternal, but that Freewill insures that each of us has the right to choose. It's our responsibility to honor each person's path whether it leads to Ascension or elsewhere. Release resistance and fear in your space and from this point on, when in doubt, move forward. Whatever shifts Ascension ultimately brings, it is the next step in our evolution. Relax, enjoy the journey and I'll catch you on the other side!