Clairvoyant I PHONE Training Program

FREE 'Open House' Saturday, August 4, 2018 at 11:30am PT

Class Begins Saturday, August 11, 2018 at 11:30am PT

Downloadable Classes Also Available

Golden Rose Psychic Services is proud to offer this 6-Month Psychic and Clairvoyant PHONE Training Program taught by internationally known psychic, Dr. Lauren Cielo.
In this program you will learn to tap into your own special life changing gifts, which will change your vision of today and the future. Lost energy will come back to you, and you will be able to access your inner voice, your true spirit.

The Clairvoyant Program helps you heal past issues and experiences, and better equips you to deal with day-to-day events. The tools you'll learn in this program will help you find harmony and inspiration as you move through this lifetime. Everyone has intuition. Learn how to tap into your intuitive ability and your life pathways.

The Six Month Program includes:
24 weekly lectures

(1) Free Energy Check to monitor your progress

Weekly Phone Reading Clinics to practice your tools

Learn how to:

  • Give Life Readings
  • Access Past Lives
  • Talk to the Dead
  • Create What You Want
  • Work with Spirit Guides
  • Clear Energies and Entities from Buildings

How Does It Work?

Essentially, you learn a set of Psychic Tools that allow you to 'read' yourself and others. When asking a specific question, you simply pick an appropriate Psychic Tool and the answer is revealed. For example, there is a specific Psychic Tool used to 'read' past lives. Without a set of Psychic Tools, it can take a life-time to interrupt what you're 'reading'. Using this technique, you be 'reading' in a month!

We recommend completing Dr. Lauren's 4-Week Psychic Tools PHONE Class prior to enrolling in this 6-Month Clairvoyant Training Program.

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"The classes I have had at Golden Rose have been wonderful. They have the ability to create a non-threatening, unintimidating learning environment where learning is actually fun. This is extremely important in a subject as the Clairvoyant Class where the students learn so much about themselves. The classes are fun, exciting and help us laugh about our own struggles. Thank you!" CJ

"The Clairvoyant Program is amazing! It has helped me evolve into a completely different place in my life - one that is grounded, spiritual, and connected." CM

"My training at Golden Rose has changed me to the core, I really have no idea how I lived without it before. Sure life has not stopped and obstacles still are there but I find myself amazed by my feelings about it and how well my tools work... it changed my life. I have always been positive but really I never was aware of all the tools we have to be able to live a much better life!" LC