Golden Rose Psychic Services
Ankaijia identifies himself as a magician, medicine man and sorcerer who is able to "move effortlessly through time and space.

Ankaijia, Healing Master

The Owner of Golden Rose Psychic Services, Dr. Lauren Cielo's works with Healing Master, Ankaijia. As a Healing Master, he was trained on the higher levels of the astral plane to heal anything that incarnates on planet Earth. He is half Egyptian and half Mayan. This really means he's pulling the most information from his life in Egypt and Central America. His name means "Vision/Sight of the Eternal Flame". The first time Dr. Lauren met him, his physical size and stature made him look more like a warrior than a healer. He told Dr. Lauren his large physical size was beneficial as a priest standing on top of a pyramid, presentation was everything back then! He identifies as a magician, medicine man and sorcerer who is able to "move effortlessly through time and space".

What he looks like:
When he takes his full size, he is easily over 7 feet tall. He has brown skin, long braided black hair and wild dark eyes. His most striking feature is his smile, he has beautiful teeth. His upper body is massive with huge biceps and shoulders tapering down to a thin athletic waist. His clothing and hair style changes regularly and he accents his wardrobe with jewelry, usually gold. He tells Dr. Lauren the fabrics and materials his clothing is made of have been energetically spun and woven for specific purposes at specific vibrations. Dr. Lauren has never seen him wear the same thing twice.

How he heals:
When Dr. Lauren first starts a Reading and Healing, he asks his client if they would accept a healing from Ankaijia. They always say 'yes'! He begins by clearing out anyone else's energy the client may have in their space. This allows Dr. Lauren to 'read' the client instead of those other people. Ankaijia usually runs a specific color or vibration of energy through the client's space to clear it but Dr. Lauren has seen him use smoke, sound, and his hands to move energy. As Ankaijia clears the client's space, their colors start to pop and Dr. Lauren begins the reading. One of his favorite ways to heal is through what we call "Healing Regimens"..

Based on input from him, Dr. Lauren sets up regular intervals for him to visit the client, move their energy and heal them. These regimens sometimes go on for years! Ankaijia can also heal animals and plants. When Dr. Lauren's cat, Gabriella got hit by a car, Ankaijia stayed at the vet's office with her and continually healed her. The day she got hit, the vet was extremely busy and Dr. Lauren's concern was that she would not get enough attention. He had Ankaijia stay with her and raise the vibration of her cage to gold (the highest vibration Dr. Lauren can see, so far), so the vet's staff would be drawn to Gabby. Well, it worked! Gabby's recovery required many return trips to the vet and every time Dr. Lauren arrived for an appointment the entire staff came out to greet Dear, Sweet Gabby and ask how she was doing. With Ankaijia's help, Gabby fully recovered and became a celebrity with the vet's staff!

His personality:
Ankaijia's overall energy is set to "amusement", the highest spiritual vibration body can run. When Dr. Lauren gets ready to read and sets his space, Ankaijia stands behind his right shoulder. If the client wants a healing, Ankaijia will do cartwheels or tap dance into the client's space. There's no better way to start a reading than by watching a huge Mayan tap dance! One day while meditating, Dr. Lauren asked Ankaijia to show him something new or different about him that he hadn't noticed. He quickly pointed down to his toe nails. They were freshly polished and painted with henna. It was full moon and he was getting ready for a ceremonial dance.

"I received a healing to my lower back during a session with you about a year ago. This was a problem I'd had for several years that had a hugely detrimental impact on my ability to exercise. The healing was instant and continues to this day. I am so pleased with the healing, my life is no longer limited in any way. I had suffered from morning back pain and stiffness for years and all of that is gone. I would recommend that everyone get a healing if they have health issues or for just an over-all energy check-up and chakra balancing, the benefits are well worth the cost. Some things in life you can't put a price on, and this is one of them." EO EO