San Diego Theta Healings

Theta Healings San Diego Theta Healings are now offered at Golden Rose Psychic Services! San Diego Theta Healings incorporate an energy healing modality that empowers you towards the life changes you wish to make in order to create the life you seek and desire. If we continue to live by old paradigms and feelings that no longer serve our highest good, it blocks us from attracting what we may want to see in our lives. Thus, limiting our potential and belief in miracles and turning our dreams into a reality.


Theta’s main objective is to identify and shift the subconscious programs that are creating problems and hindering you from obtaining love, abundance, and all that is your birthright. While in a Theta brain wave, the practitioner co- creates with the client and The Creator, to access limiting beliefs and feelings stored in the client’s subconscious mind, changing them instantly into ones that empower and bring positive results and outcomes to the client and their life. The practitioner’s role is to act as a witness in the client’s healing.

During a Theta Healing session, the practitioner discusses the client’s goals, answers questions and obtains permission from the client to conduct the healing.

While the practitioner is in a Theta brain wave they:

  • Align the client’s chakras
  • Complete a full body scan & reading
  • Conducts muscle testing
  • Works with the client and Creator to change limiting core beliefs and download feelings

Theta Healing was founded in 1995 by Naturopath, Massage Therapist and Intuitive Reader, Vianna Stibal.  Vianna was introduced to Theta Healing while conducting intuitive readings for her clients. She realized that the technique she used for readings could manifest instant healings for herself and others.  Through utilizing the technique over the years with thousands of clients, Vianna has witnessed the power of working with the energy of the Creator to instantly change beliefs and feelings that are connected to illness.

The Creator of all that is, is the energy that flows through us and all around us.  It is God, the Universal Life Force, the Supreme Being and The Higher Power.  Theta embraces all religions and philosophies. It is not based on any particular religion or belief system.

All components of Theta Healing are done with your permission. Any changes to a person’s beliefs and feeling downloads are discussed before all changes are made. The client must agree to all changes before the practitioner carries out the healing.

It is recommended that the client ensures that they are properly hydrated before attending their Theta Healing session.  Hydration assists in obtaining accurate results during muscle testing.  Muscle testing is a valuable component in Theta Healing because it demonstrates what statements your body believes to be true based on the stored programs in your subconscious.

The amount of Theta sessions an individual will need to experience results will vary with each individual. Results will depend on what the client would like to accomplish and their openness to release and accept the healing.  Many clients experience a change within one session, however, sometimes the belief systems around the issue are more complex and need deeper belief work to reach the client’s goal.