Teacher’s Training Program

Golden Rose Psychic Services, owned by San Diego Psychic, Dr. Lauren Cielo offers Clairvoyant Teachers Program to graduates.
This advanced program teaches you how to Own Your Crown Chakra, Overcome Fear, and become an Independent Success! Prerequisites include Clairvoyant I & II Programs.

In this program, you will learn to:

  • Be a 24-Hour Psychic in the “Unreal” World
  • Own the crown chakra
  • Handle the attention of strangers
  • Get over Your Worst Fear & Invalidation
  • Explore Your Shadow Side
  • Set the energy for miracles
  • Handling Competition
  • Have your space when buttons get pushed
  • End Karma with Students
  • Give Spirit to Spirit Communication
  • Design & promote your class
  • Answering questions on the spot
  • Using the Astral to call in your students
  • Teaching with your telepathic channels
  • Caring about your students
  • Being a student and learning while you teach
  • How Not to teach from your own growth period & when to use your own experiences

Here’s the recommended Teacher’s Program Guidelines

  • Perform Opening & Closing Meditations during Teacher’s Class
  • Assist in two classes.
  • Assist in two workshops.
  • Assist in one house healing.

* * * The purpose of these guidelines is to allow you to the opportunity to further your spiritual growth as a leader and to practice what you are learning outside of the classroom. This is also a great way to learn from other teachers how they use & apply the tools they learned in a group setting and different situations. When you assist any of the classes, you take the class for “free”.