4-Week Live Energetic Healing Technique Class

A great precursor to the 6-Month Clairvoyant Program

Golden Rose Psychic Services in proud to offer this 4-week live Energetic Healing Technique Class taught by Djali Vesela, graduate of Golden Rose’s Psychic Academy.

This beginner’s program is designed specifically to teach beginners to perform energtic healings on others similiar to Reiki. By the end of this fun and easy live course, students will be able to offer professional-style energy healings. Learn how to be an energetic healer in 4 weeks!

While this class is offered live monthly, class recordings and notes are available 24 hours after the events for students who can’t make the live class.

Once you’ve completed this class, you may be interested in our Advanced class.

Este curso también se imparte en español.

 This Four Week LIVE Program includes:
4 weekly lectures
Access to Class Notes & Recordings

Learn how to:

  • Ground and running healing energy through another person
  • Move energy through the chakra system and aura
  • Perform Christ Force Energy Healings
  • Perform Supreme Being Healings
  • Stay energeticaly protected while performing healings
  • Meet and Work With YOUR Healing Master (Spirit Guide)

No prerequisites or experience necessary!

Meet Your Teacher

How to Enroll

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