Business Consulting

Dr. Lauren Cielo believes we presently need on Mother Earth, all the Healers we can possible get! And the most practical way to achieve this goal is to find ways to eventually quite your ‘day job’ and become a professional, fulltime Healer. Sometimes it may feel challenging to reach such a goal, but at Golden Rose, we’re here to help. Dr. Lauren is proud to offer business consulting and professional development coaching to all Healers including the students of Golden Rose Psychic Academy. Learn how to use your own healing tools to manifest the path of your heart and start or expand your own healing business.

No matter your healing specialty, technique or modality, business consulting for Healers at Golden Rose will help support and guide you as you create and maintain your ‘brick and mortal’, virtual or integrated enterprise. Today is a great time to move forward with your dream career. We look forward to your success!

Products and Services to help build your healing business:

Focus Group: Be A Professional Healer

Join our video focus group, Be A Pro Healer and learn something new about your business every month!
Dr. Lauren speaks to a different topic of business and is available to answer questions about your business.


Business Consultations

Work privately with Dr. Lauren on any issues holding your successfully business from blossoming. Whether the issues are material or spiritual,
Dr. Lauren can help guide you towards mastering your business and professional growth. Book an hour consult today.

Videos from Focus Group

Enjoy videos from Dr. Lauren Cielo’s monthly LIVE Pay Per View Focus Group, Become A Professional Healer. Each video focuses on a different aspect of creating and building your own healing business. These focus group videos are open to everyone, no experience necessary.


Building Clientele

(For Student of Golden Rose Psychic Academy)

As you learn more and more ‘psychic tools’ from Golden Rose and
Dr. Lauren, put them into practice while building your clientele! When you’re ready to be added to our Free Reading page, just complete this form.