Phone Reading Clinic

Calling all Golden Rose Clairvoyant Students! Want to practice Reading more often but have no one to play with? Or are you considering becoming a Pro Phone Psychic? Join Golden Rose for our new Weekly Phone Reading Clinics and practice your old tools and may be learn a few new ones along the way! All levels welcome but be sure to check the qualifications below so everyone has a fun experience. Just pick up the telephone and let’s get going!

Do You Qualify?

The techniques and tools we’ll play with are all simple, safe and fun! And just to make sure everyone has a great time there are a few minimum qualifications to attend our Phone Reading Clinics. Please complete one of the following:

A)  Completion of the first (4) Clairvoyant I Phone Classes

B)  Completion of Psychic Tools Phone Class plus the Healing Master audio class

C)  Completion of the following Audio Psychic Classes

  1. Running Earth and Cosmic Energy
  2. Protection Rose
  3. Healing Master
  4. Rose Readings

D)  BEST OFFER: Purchase the Psychic Reading ‘Jump Start’ Bundle For Beginners for under $100

Cost is FREE to students! To access registration, please refer to the Student Facebook page. To be added to the Student Facebook page, please email us at

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