All services are performed by internationally known psychic, Dr. Lauren Cielo, including psychic readings in San Diego and the world over. Our psychic services can be performed in-person in San Diego or over the phone or internet for our long distance clients. All sessions are confidential as are client lists and contact information. San Diego psychic, Dr. Lauren Cielo is a formally trained clairvoyant and a legally ordained minister.

We're always excited to hear from clients with unique needs. If you don't see a particular service listed below or you need more information, please drop us an email.
We'll contact you with possible ways we can help!


Clairvoyant Readings $250/Hour $140/30 Min
House Clearings $250/Hour $140/30 Min
Business Clearings $250/Hour $140/30 Min
Groups Healings $250/Hour $140/30 Min
Energetic Athletic Training $250/Hour $140/30 Min
One Question Email Readings $70  
Custom Meditations $70  
Celestial Introductions $175  
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