Business Clearings

Golden Rose Psychic Services, Business Clearings Business Clearings usually take 2 hours or longer, depending on the size and nature of your business. This can be at your business site or remotely over the phone. We will clairvoyantly look at your business and will clear and reset energies that will positively impact you, your employees and customers. We will read the energy of your business and competitors; clear the energy of past occupants; set the energy for your next endeavor; create an energy around your business location that will attract customers; and we will also have a look at your relationship to money. Furthermore, we will also remove any blocks to your business progress, look at your current situation and give you practical feedback on how you stay on your path and achieve your goals.
  • Do you own your business, but profits/productivity is down regardless of your efforts?
  • Do you have the feeling that something is not quite right in your office?
  • Do you experience tension between your employees?
  • Aren't enough customers stopping by your business despite its location?

If you answer any of the above questions with a yes, you are the perfect candidate for a business clearing!

Some of the benefits of Business Clearings are:

  • better team-work and communication between employees
  • increasing sales, profits and productivity
  • gain a higher perspective on your business and its mission/vision
  • create a realistic strategic plan for the future
  • understand your competition
  • find new markets for your product
  • improve the energy of your work environment


Case Study

A local Chiropractor was struggling to manifest new patients and to bring old ones back. On top of that, reoccurring plumbing problem were adding more financial and emotional strain to her practice. The doctor commented that she often felt uncomfortable in the office and supposed her patients did also. The Linda Vista office was tucked back in a strip mall with a military recruiting office two doors down.

As the Business Clearing progressed, it was evident this business was most influenced by lingering Native American energies left in the earth beneath the office. These energies were in direct competition with the recruiting office next door. literally still waging war. In addition, the plumbing problems were actually beneficial... Every time her office was flooded with water, it actually helped remove these old energies and emotions. After the Native American energy was cleared and several table top fountains were added to the space, the doctor quickly reported feeling more at ease in her office, an increase in business and no more plumbing problems.