Group Healings

Group Healings help people come together to match a shared vibration or intention. These may be work groups, play groups, even families. Any resistance blocking the group from obtaining its goals is removed. This service may be performed without the entire group's presence.

The way people behave in groups is a fascinating study. Scientists and researches have examined the subject in detail but how does a Clairvoyant explain group energy?

It's simple: The Crown Chakra!

People will follow the person with the highest vibration. Doesn't really matter what the goal of that person might be.The only thing that matters is who has the highest Crown. Determining the group leader and having everyone match that person's energy gets everyone working together.

Also, understanding the group's contract and who is in agreement with that contract can be a benefit. And of course, completing karma with fellow members helps move things out of the past and into the present.

If you're part of group that's struggling to cooperate and excel, a Group Healing may be just what you need!


"This past year has been a period of intense growth and organizational development. This growth included transition of several founding staff members as well as recruitment and training of new leadership. Our work with Dr. Cielo helped strengthen the organizational culture while aligning the staff around our strategic goals. The weekly groups have instilled a sense of ownership in the staff, building their teamwork and commitment to the vision of Shakti Rising. In addition, Dr. Cielo provides support to the organization and the individuals within the organization. Her work has been invaluable and has been integrated into our ongoing staff training/benefits program."
Shannon Thompson, Founder and Executive Director of Shakti Rising