House Clearings

Physical structures retain energy. When we move into a home, we buy plenty of cleaning supplies in order to get rid of the former occupant's dirt and germs. But how many of us consider leftover energies from previous tenants? By removing stuck energies and entities, you'll feel more comfortable and safe in every room of your home. This service is great for those clients wishing to buy and sell homes.

House Clearing can be done in person or over the phone and usually take 1 to 2 hours to complete. Audio recordings of your sessions may be provided at no extra charge.

Our goals include:

  • Set the "Energetic Tone" of each room
  • Sleep better in your bedroom
  • Create better relationships with "problem" neighbors
  • Remove "Entities" that share your home
  • Protect your home and outdoor spaces
  • Clear "Old Conflict" energies from past roommates or spouses
  • Clearing old energies from past occupants


Case Study

A home owner requesting a general house clearing was delighted by unexpected results. Her main concern was her meditation room. She was suddenly having issues concentrating and relaxing in the space. It was determined that years ago a past occupant returning home from fighting in Vietnam had brought back some 'beings-without-bodies'. These entities had actually been killed by the past occupant during the war. The Beings were easily removed and the energy was re-set in the meditation room. But as the house clearing moved to the outside grounds, the clients almost jokingly asked if anything could be done about her neighbors across the canyon.

For three years the client's view was tainted by the neighbor's trashy backyard. She didn't know the people personally and felt powerless to remedy the situation. It was so bad; she had stopped entertaining for fear of what her guests might think. A simple psychic request was made to the neighbors to please clean up the mess and the house clearing was completed. Fifteen minutes later, to the client's surprise, the neighbors were out tidying up the backyard! The client was astounded.