Energetic Athletic Training

Combining Dr. Lauren Cielo's clairvoyant gifts with experience competing in International Level Women's Fastpitch Softball comes naturally. Many of the Psychic Skills Lauren uses to read and heal clients can be used to enhance and improve the competition edge of individual athletes and teams. It's important to remember this work can be done in the background without the entire team consciously knowing it. At the highest level, many contests are won or lost by the smallest of margins. Any slight edge could make the difference between being number one or merely second best. Coaches and athletes spend hours getting physically ready for a competition. Why not get 'metaphysically' prepared as well?


Here are some the techniques that may lead you and/or your team to victory:

Energy Techniques
Energy is easy to move and manipulate to create advantages for athletes, coaches and teams. Setting the energetic space where the contest takes place can give you an extra edge especially if you're competing on the opponent's home court or field. Staying grounded to the center of the Earth and 'in your body' makes you more alert and helps you stay 'in the zone'. In team sports, it helps to understand the group agreement and shift it as necessary to get each member on board and ready to win! Also, setting your energy higher than the opponents can help you dominate the contest. How many times have you seen the energy of a contest completely shift or athletes or teams fall apart? By using these Energy Techniques you can start to control and dominate the contest on a whole new level.

Psychic Readings
Performance improves as a result of information provided in a psychic reading. By psychically watching the movements and energetic system of an athlete while training and competing, blocks can be removed. Sometimes it's the smallest of energy shifts that make all the difference. Also, the weaknesses of opponents can be read and used to an advantage.

Competition Guides
We naturally contract with 'beings without bodies' more commonly known as Spirit Guides to assist us on our life path. It is also possible to consciously pick a Guide who is a trained competitor. During training this Guide can help motivate the athlete and can help them recover quickly after working out and in some cases can give technical direction on movement, breathing and mental focus. Before a contest or game, this Guide can scout out the competition and shift their athlete's energetic space to better match the opposition. At the time of the contest, athlete's can actually 'channel' their individual Competition Guide and allow the being to partial occupy the physical body. This can maximize performance, mental alertness and stamina. The contracts are very specific between athlete and Guide with the athlete always having seniority over the Guide. And the Guide must match the skill and competition level of the athlete. You would not want to contract with a Gladiator who fights to the death if you're playing putt-putt golf!

Karma is actually an incomplete cycle from the past. Many times we have karma with opponents and officials. By completing this karma we are freed from past debts and can begin the athletic contest on even footing. For example, if in a past life you stole the goat of the pitcher of the opposing team or the umpire behind the plate, chances are they may be looking to settle the score during the Championship Game!

Case Study

Working with the 'team captain' results in a no-hitter! The coach of a successful high school softball team asked Lauren to work with her star pitcher. She worked in the background, without the athlete consciously being aware. First, Lauren asked for permission to move energy for her and she, as Spirit agreed. The main issue for her was 'space control'. While on the mound, energy from the opposing team and spectators was inundating her energetic space. Lauren helped create barriers to this 'thrown' energy and helped the pitcher 'own her space'. The results were dramatic.. she threw her first no-hitter of her high-school career. Often times just working with the focal point of the team, in this case, the pitcher, yields victory.