Clairvoyant Readings

Golden Rose Psychic Services owned by San Diego Psychic, Dr. Lauren Cielo offers Psychic Readings in San Diego and all over the globe. Psychic Readings performed by Dr. Lauren are much more than just a fun way to spend the afternoon. In our culture, psychics have long been regarded as fortune tellers better suited for parlor room entertainment than trained professionals working energy on behalf of clients. Just as in all fields and professions today, advances and 'new information' has redefined the role of psychics. We manipulate energy to ensure our clients are successful in all areas of their life. Removing stagnant energies in your space, results in profound spiritual healings and growth. Once we begin to notice that everything is energy, we begin to understand how we can shift this energy. Further, there are literally no limits to what can be accomplished when one willfully works with energy.


During a session, we read information and energy stored in your body, chakras and aura. Clients may ask directed questions or simply sit back and receive information and healing. Since Dr. Lauren is a formally trained clairvoyant with years of experience many subjects may be covered in one session. Some of the more popular topics are listed below. But be assured that any issues you might be currently dealing with can be addressed in a loving, confidential manner.

Past Life Readings
As Spirit, we are eternal and many of us continue to take human bodies over and over. All of the experiences and lessons we've acquired throughout our many lifetimes are readily accessible in our personal Akashic Records. As we face challenges in this life, we naturally begin to access these records. Having a past life reading will give you insight into the very issues you are currently working on.

Speaking to The Dead
Connecting with those who have 'gone home' can be a moving and healing experience. Our San Diego Psychics can call in 'beings without bodies', including spirits that have passed over. Receive this information with compassion and love as we communicate with your loved ones and help you once again feel connected to them!

Relationship Issues
Karma and contracts control many of our relationships. Our San Diego Psychics complete karma and re-negotiates your contracts in order to create or improve your most important relationships.Whether you are working to repair your current relationship, seeking a new one or releasing the pain of a relatonship that has ended, Our San Diego Psychics have has the tools to help create a situation which serves everyone involved and vibrates to the highest possible good for all.

Physical Healings
Most physical illness is caused by energy in your space that has become stagnant or that belongs to someone else. Regular readings and healings moves this energy out and balances your space. Our San Diego Psychics work with a Healing Master to aid us in our healing work. This Being is specifically trained on the Astral Plane to heal and are capable of performing miracles. With your permission, this higher level Being can enter your space and restore your health.