Psychic Training

Golden Rose Psychic Services, owned by Professional Psychic, Dr. Lauren Cielo offers In-Person San Diego Psychic Training for students located in the San Diego area, Psychic Training Phone Classes for long distance students and Online Psychic Training Classes for Everyone!
The idea that only a special few are gifted with Psychic abilities is an untruth. Our body’s energy system or Chakra System is designed to Read energy.
Golden Rose's Psychic Training is designed to specifically ignite your Chakras, allow you to access your own information and accelerate your personal growth and ascension.


Our Psychic Training techniques and tools are all simple, safe and fun! As the vibration of our planet continues to rise, it is becoming easier and easier to access our Psychic and Spiritual Abilities. There is no reason to wait, contact Golden Rose and get started today!

Downloadable Classes:
Psychic Training & Spiritual Development Program
Accelerated Psychic Program
Instructional Videos

Phone Classes:
6-Month Clairvoyant I Program
5-Month Clairvoyant II Program
5-Month Teacher's Program
4-Week Psychic Tools Phone Class
Weekly Reading Clinic

Private Psychic Teaching Sessions
Energy Checks
Focus Groups

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