Women's Mysteries Class

A great precursor to the 6-Month Clairvoyant Program

Golden Rose Psychic Services in proud to offer this 4-week live Women’s Mysteries class taught by Sandra, graduate of Golden Rose’s Psychic Academy.

This beginner’s program empowers women to heal themselves, work with a female healing mistress, accept themselves by finding self-compassion, love, and strength again; leading us to ascend. We go through a series of meditations and energy work for four weeks. We will work on healing trauma, self-judgment, old expectations of what being female means and break barriers. We will examine the Physical, energetic, mental, and spiritual mysteries of being female.

While this class is offered live each month, class recordings and notes are available 24 hours after the events for students who can’t make the live class.

Email Sandra for more information.

 This Four Week LIVE Program includes:
4 weekly lectures
Access to Class Notes & Audio Files

Course includes:

  • The Physical, Mental and Emotional Mysteries of living in a female body.
  • Learn how females create so much energy!
  • Meeting YOUR Female Healing Mistress (Spirit Guide)
  • Sharpening your Women’s Intuition

No prerequisites or experience necessary!

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