4-Week Live Exploring The Astral

Golden Rose Psychic Services in proud to offer the Exploring The Astral course taught by Christine Tavolacci, graduate of Golden Rose’s Psychic Academy.

This exciting 4 week class is open to all clairvoyant students & graduates. See prerequisites below.

While this class is offered live monthly, class recordings and notes are available 24 hours after the events for students who can’t make the live class.

 This Four Week LIVE Program includes:
4 weekly lectures
Access to Class Audio and Supplemental Meditations

We will be exploring the following topics over the course of 4 weeks:

  • Defining and owning your astral space
  • Exploring the relationship between our bodies and the astral plane
  • Expanding our senses and perception in the astral
  • Healing, creating & making changes to the astral body
  • Family energy, relationships & your astral space
  • How you heal yourself on the astral
  • Lucid dreaming
  • Clearing global, locational, and cultural energy & information from your astral space
  • Creating mockups for your astral adventures
  • Physical tools & techniques to support your astral adventures

There will be reading trades as a part of each class, and an emphasis on reading and healing your own pictures in a meditative state.

Prerequisites include the following tools:

  • Grounding and Golden Suns
  • Running Earth & Cosmic Energy
  • Center of the Head
  • Protection Roses
  • Body of Glass
  • Healing Master
  • Mock Ups
  • Rose Readings
  • Reading Chakras
  • Reading the Aura
  • Contracts
  • Akashic Record Keeper
  • Astral Plane 

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