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Golden Rose Psychic Services is proud to feature San Diego Psychic, Dr. Lauren Cielo, guest star of Gaia TV and Coast To Coast AM Radio and San Diego’s most prolific and popular psychic healer, teacher and author.

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As a child, Lauren often journeyed to astral planes, mingling with spirits and angels who inhabit the celestial realm. Lauren understood, even then, that physical reality is just a part of creation. While on these ‘trips’, Lauren learned of many previous lifetimes as a psychic and healer. These experiences culminated at age 12 when in a dream, Lauren was given information that the path of his lifetime would deviate greatly from Lauren’s traditional upbringing, and that Lauren was destined to become a spiritual pioneer. As with many psychics, Lauren suppressed these controversial ideas and set out to live life as normally as possible.

Lauren went on to become an accomplished athlete in high school and college, representing the United States internationally in Women’s Fast Pitch Softball. At age 18, while competing in an International Softball World Series event in Brisbane, Australia, Lauren was awoken by “lights in the sky” Lauren’s left brain reasoned these lights must be the Aurora Australis, but at the same time information was flooding the right brain, filling it with startling psychic impressions. Again, Lauren tried to ignore this strange occurrence and focused on career.

Years later, as a successful quality engineer for a Fortune 100 company, Lauren was ignoring his “True Self” and the important reasons for reincarnation. Finally, all the pieces seemed to come together when Lauren enrolled in a clairvoyance institute in San Diego for formal training. After two years of study, Lauren discovered exactly who Lauren is meant to be as spirit and what Lauren’s spiritual purpose is, and left a long-time corporate career to become a professional clairvoyant and teacher.

With the help of Lauren’s Spirit Guide and Healing Master, Ankaijia, their life readings and healings have benefited numerous clients across the globe. Healings are both spiritual and physical, with many people experiencing spiritual and physical cures to life-long problems. Some of Lauren’s specialties include Energetic Athletic Training, gender non-conformity and working on several technological projects that are creating new hardware and software inventions that span science and spirituality.

Additionally, Lauren offers clairvoyant training classes aimed at awakening the psychic hiding in us all. Lauren teaches specific tools for reading and navigating the astral plane, facilitating personal healing and increasing the ability to heal others. Lauren believes that everyone has psychic capabilities. Lauren is the owner and director of Golden Rose Psychic Services and also enjoys the beach, working out and playing racquetball.

Lauren is transgender and began his gender transition from female to male in July of 2015.

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