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Dr. Lauren Cielo is pleased to present the following Clairvoyant Readers and Healers. Please contact the psychic of your choice!

Dr. Lauren Cielo

Live Facebook Stream every Monday at 11am PST Get Your FREE Reading for the week!

Dr. CarmenIris Alicea

Free Course: Your Journey Starts Here Series

Luc Therrien

Email Readings: Learn what your Higher Self wants you to know!

Claudia Marquez

Crystal Email Readings: Learn which crystal can help you the most!

Angel Tone

Email Readings: What do you really need to know right now? Let your energy speak!

Djali Vesela

Email Readings: Find Out What's On Your Plate Right Now!

Rachel Eastwood

Email Readings: Chakra Checks

Christine Tavolacci

Email Readings: Learn Your 'Next Step'

Keanna Fox

Email Readings: What does your Higher Self want you to know?

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