Psychic Enhancement Kit


Own your own Psychic Enhancement Crystal Kit and increase your natural psychic senses! These stone are chosen and charged by Dr. Loren Cielo just for you


Own your own Psychic Enhancement Crystal Kit and increase your natural psychic senses! These stone are chosen and charged by Dr. Loren Cielo just for you. Stones range in size from 3/4″to 1 1/4″ size. This kit contains 18 tumbled stones.

This is the combination of stones that you are going to receive:

Amethyst – Enhances psychic dreams

Blue Lace Agate – Develops clairaudience and gives difficult divination readings a positive boost

Carnelian – Used as a focus for past-life of work and for finding twin souls

Citrine – Promotes intuition is also very good for automatic writing

Clear Quartz – Amplifies any healing or psychic power. It is also suitable for channeling angels and spirit guides, and can be used for aura work

Green Aventurine – Induces psychic dreams and so help bring you the answers you’re looking for

Hawk’s Eye – Enhances astral travel, clairvoyance and remote viewing

Hematite – Supports grounding and protection during psychic work

Moonstone – Develops any psychic ability in a gradual and positive way and promotes prophecy

Orange Calcite – Helps new psychics to allow their intuition to flow when giving readings.

Petrified Wood – Helps channel wisdom from spirit guides and help you to access the Akashic records, past lives and family ancestors or recently passed loved ones

Pyrite – Helps any divination work but especially scrying by candlelight and can be used for channeling work

Red Jasper – Creates a strong psychic shield

Rose Quartz – It is an excellent grounding stone and probably one of the best choices to aid love divination

Smoky Quartz – Can be used as a focus stone for astral travel and is a meditation aid, to induce peaceful dreams and can be used for channeling wisdom from earth spirits

Sodalite – Opens your third eye and will help with spiritual visions and very good for creative visualization

Sunstone – Boosts the effectiveness of divination when finances or luck are in question

Tiger Eye – Helps to channel past worlds, scrying by candlelight or sunlight and will help you to feel less unsettled by unwanted beings that intrude


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