Celestial Introduction with Crystal Kit


Bundle your Celestial Introduction email reading with a personalized crystal kit hand-picked and charged by Dr. Loren Cielo to aid in working with your specific Guides and Angels. Also, see our NEW DIY Celestial Introductions.


Celestial Introductions with Crystal Kits by Dr. Loren Cielo, help other Lightworkers, like you, meet and work with their Spirit Guides! Also, see our NEW DIY Celestial Introductions.

Dr. Loren first creates an audio file, describing who your Guides are, what they look like, where they stand around you and even which crystal matches their vibration. These personalized crystal kits are unique to each individual and are shipped right to your door. The stones are hand-picked and charged by Dr. Cielo just for you! Stones range in size from 3/4″to 1 1/4″ size.

Once you have listened to the Reading, there is another audio that leads you in a meditation using your crystals to receive a Healing from each of Guides. We are never really alone in this life. Let Dr. Loren introduce you to your Celestial Guides today!

IMPORTANT: When you check out, in the ORDER NOTES please state your Full Name. While times may vary, Dr. Cielo usually completes most Celestial Introductions within 7 days!


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